Neurocognitionanesthesia 2020

Given the current situation with Covid 19 and for safety reasons, the Department of Anesthesiology of Cliniques Universitaires Saint Luc has decided to cancel the upcoming Neurocognitionanesthesia symposium. We are confident that you understand this decision. We look forward to meeting you in the near future.


08.00-08.30      Registration & Breakfast

08.30-08.45      Welcome word and introduction by Marie-Agnès Docquier 

Morning Session 1 
Moderators: Mona Momeni & Vincent Bonhomme

08.45-09.15      Vincent Bonhomme (Belgium)
                         Anesthesia: A probe to explore consciousness

09.15-09.30      André Denault (Canada)
                         New insights on delirium using whole body ultrasound

09.30-10.00      Emery Brown (USA)
                         Monitoring Anesthetic State: Implications for design and use of closed Loop anesthesia delivery systems

10.00-10.15      General questions & comments

10.15-10.45      Coffee break

Morning Session 2 
Moderators: Patricia Lavand'homme & Alexandre Stouffs

10.45-11.15      André Mouraux (Belgium)
                         Clinical implication of neuroimaging biomarkers for pain

11.15-11.45      Vincent van Pesch (Belgium)
                         Neurofilament proteins: Have we found the Holy Grail in neurobiomarker analysis?

11.45-12.15      Emanuel van den Broeke (Belgium)
                         Central sensibilisation and its implication in persistent postoperative pain

12.15-12.30      General questions and comments

12.30-14.00      Lunch

Afternoon Session
Moderators: Bernard Hanseeuw & Marie-Agnès Docquier

14.00-14.30      Emery Brown (USA)
                       Monitoring Anesthetic State: Implications for administration of multimodal general anesthesia

14.30-15.00      Céline Khalifa (Belgium)
                         Electroencephalographic signals as physiological markers of brain vulnerability in the perioperative period

15.00-15.15      End & Conclusions: Mona Momeni