Neurocognitionanesthesia 2020



08.00-08.30      Registration & Breakfast

08.30-08.45      Welcome word and introduction by Marie-Agnès Docquier 

Morning Session 1 
Moderators: Mona Momeni & Vincent Bonhomme

08.45-09.15      Vincent Bonhomme (Belgium)
                         Anesthesia: A probe to explore consciousness

09.15-09.30      André Denault (Canada)
                         New insights on delirium using whole body ultrasound

09.30-10.00      Emery Brown (USA)
                         Monitoring Anesthetic State: Implications for design and use of closed Loop anesthesia delivery systems

10.00-10.15      General questions & comments

10.15-10.45      Coffee break

Morning Session 2 
Moderators: Patricia Lavand'homme & Alexandre Stouffs

10.45-11.15      André Mouraux (Belgium)
                         Clinical implication of neuroimaging biomarkers for pain

11.15-11.45      Vincent van Pesch (Belgium)
                         Neurofilament proteins: Have we found the Holy Grail in neurobiomarker analysis?

11.45-12.15      Emanuel van den Broeke (Belgium)
                         Central sensibilisation and its implication in persistent postoperative pain

12.15-12.30      General questions and comments

12.30-14.00      Lunch

Afternoon Session
Moderators: Bernard Hanseeuw & Marie-Agnès Docquier

14.00-14.30      Emery Brown (USA)
                       Monitoring Anesthetic State: Implications for administration of multimodal general anesthesia

14.30-15.00      Céline Khalifa (Belgium)
                         Electroencephalographic signals as physiological markers of brain vulnerability in the perioperative period

15.00-15.15      End & Conclusions: Mona Momeni